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Crystal Glass Rose Flower Gift

Crystal Glass Rose Flower Gift

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Product description:
Introducing the Crystal Glass Rose Flower, a timeless and exquisite expression of love for Valentine's Day.
This handcrafted masterpiece goes beyond traditional flowers, as it withstands the test of time. Unlike real roses that wither and fade, the Crystal Glass Rose Flower will remain a cherished keepsake, symbolizing enduring love and commitment.
The Crystal Glass Rose Flower decoration is made of artificial crystal material, which is carefully crafted by cutting, faceting, sanding, polishing, viscose and other manual processes.
Make this Valentine's Day memorable with a gift that transcends the ephemeral nature of traditional flowers and speaks to the enduring nature of your heartfelt emotions.The Crystal's texture is elegant and crystal clear.
Product size: 20 * 30 * 90mm
Single box size: 30 * 55 * 115mm
Gift recommendation: send to parents / elders, send to children / babies, send to girlfriends / wifes, send boyfriends / husbands, send colleagues, send customers, send leaders, send classmates, send teachers, send brothers / brothers, send sisters / sisters

Customer Reviews

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Anderson Konopelski

Perfect gift for Valentine's Day. Arrived in 14 days

Madison Sanford

It is really beautiful, very good purchase

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